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Treeniviikko 19/2018

Tuesday, May 08 ToughViking treenit – Hesperian puistossa.

Eka viikkaritreenini Oonan ja Nikon ohjauksessa tämän vuoden puolella.


Voima 1 Wednesday, May. 09 (17:00)
Upper Body: Upper Body Strength
A: 1 set
8x BB Bench Press
8x BB Bench Press
6x BB Bench Press
6x BB Bench Press
6x BB Bench Press
B: 4 sets
8x Inverted Row
10x BB OH Tricep Ext
C: 3 sets
8x DB Zottman Curl
8x DB Bent Over Reverse Fly

Hurrikaani 2 Thursday, May. 10 (17:00)
Circuit: Atomic/ Chin up- push up challenge
1 Minute Push-Up
Perform for 00:01:00
1x Push-Up
1 Minute Chin-Up
Perform for 00:01:00
1x Chin-Up
Perform for 00:10:00
1x 40 Sprint
3x TFW Snurpee
5x Knee Grab Row
Atomic 2: 10 sets
1x 20 Ladder
4x MB Slam
4x KB Rainbow

Voima 2 Friday, May. 11 (17:00)
Lower Body: Lower Body back squat
A: 1 set
We will be performing a back squat with a one second pause at the bottom of the squat. Embrace it and push yourself out of your comfort zone.
6x Back Squat
6x Back Squat
4x Back Squat
4x Back Squat
B: 4 sets
10x BB Walking Lunge
C: 3 sets
10x Standing Plate Calf Raise
TFW Group Rope Finisher: 2 sets
10x Knee Grab w/ Reach
10x V-Up Alt Leg
10x ST Arm/Leg Sit-Up
10x TFW Twist

Speed & Strength Sunday, May. 13 (17:00)
Speed Str: Speed Strength 80 Rep Set
80 Rep Set : 4 sets
10x KB Front Squat
20x 2 KB Swing to Row Swing to (video)
20x KB Push Press
10x KB Lunge
20x KB Curl
Tabata Finisher : 1 set
W:20/R:10 Triangle Crunch
W:20/R:10 MB Toe Touch
W:20/R:10 KB Rainbow
W:20/R:10 MB TFW Twist

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